1. Home Visits
    Personalised service. We understand that every dog and family is unique so we only work with one family at a time and our dog training and behaviour work is fully customised to your needs.
  2. 100% Positive
    We only use positive reinforcement and reward-based methods.
  3. Latest Research
    In recent years, scientists and researchers have come a long way in better understanding our canine friends. We are fully versed in the very latest research in dog behaviour and only use the most up to date methods in our work with you.
  4. Full Remote Support
    We offer full support in between visits in the form of telephone and video calls, depending on your needs and concerns. Support continues for 6 months after your final review meeting.
  5. Free Initial Assessment
    Our first initial assessment meeting is offered free of charge. Often families will have tried trainers before with little or no success so we believe it is important that you have a chance to meet before handing over any money. This also allows us to devise a bespoke programme for you and your dog which you can start right away if you wish to continue.
  6. Professionally Qualified
    Animal Behaviour is an unregulated industry, which means that anyone can practise without qualifications. Our Behaviour Specialists are fully qualified and use the latest research in dog behaviour to influence our methods.